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It’s that time of year again, are your ready for some football?  If so please consider buying a $10 football chance from your local Knights of Columbus parishioner. 

We will be selling the tickets now through the

final sale date of Sunday, October 23rd at the 10 AM mass.   ·       

 Prizes have been increased to $30,000 total or $3,000 per week.

The number of prizes is the same, but the amounts are higher! 

How it works:  ·       

 There are 10 Chances to Win Per Ticket. 

$3,000.00 in Weekly Prizes / $30,000.00 in Total Prizes·       

 Each ticket provides 4 random Professional Football Teams per week.·        

Your "Score" is the Total Number of Points each game per week. 

In other words, the final score of those 4 teams added together (team scores of 21, 24, 7, and 14 would be a total score of 66)·        

Prizes are determined by:    The Highest/Lowest 4-Team Total per week.