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 Thank you for all you donate to the Mother of Mercy House. As you know it has been very a trying time for the people of Kensington and they do appreciate all that St. Philip Parish does for The Mother of Mercy House.  

Listed below are the non-perishable donation requests for delivery to the Mother of Mercy House on Wednesday April 19, 2023.         

Canned Tuna, canned meats,vegtables and fruits,

Dry Cereal (reg size)and peanut butter and jelly.   

Pinto and black beans and canned soup  

Diapers:        2 to 5  

Please drop off your donations in one of the totes at each side door of the church or on the wooden box in the narthex.  All donations need to be received by Sunday, April 16, 2023.     As always, Thank you for you Generosity.